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Third party tests confirm HYZON Motors' new liquid-cooled fuel ce…

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Third party tests confirm HYZON Motors' new liquid-cooled fuel cell stack leads the world in power density


HYZON Motors 

Oct 26, 2020, 03:43 ET

  • HYZON's new proton exchange membrane fuel cell is designed to power ultra-heavy vehicles and machinery without compromise in performance or economics
  • Third party testing from TUV Rheinland validates record peak power density above 6kW/L – the highest power density fuel cell stack in the world
  • First units based on the new technology platform to be shipped in 2021, aiming to power some of the world's most challenging mobility applications

HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y.Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hydrogen mobility and clean energy company, HYZON Motors Inc ("HYZON") has today revealed new test data from the latest generation of its proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

HYZON's new automotive grade PEM fuel cells have been optimized for durability and long operating life, addressing the most demanding usage scenarios for commercial vehicles and machinery.

This specifically includes challenging, high utilization mobility applications such as trucks, trains, and airplanes.

Most fuel cell modules used in heavy vehicles to-date deliver continuous power around 100 kilowatts (kW) or less – with peak power density under 3kW/liter, whereas recent test data validated by highly respected testing and certification services business TUV Rheinland shows HYZON's new PEM fuel cells achieve volumetric power density exceeding 6kW/l, and gravimetric power density exceeding 5.5kW/l (between end hardware).

Although the performance data is from short stack testing, it validates the potential of using full power fuel cells up to 500hp (370kW) for heavy mobility applications, reducing dependence on batteries and therefore saving on weight, size and cost.

The new PEM fuel cell is the result of nearly 20 years of fuel cell development

Craig Knight, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of HYZON Motors, commented:

"For nearly 20 years now, the HYZON founding team have been fully focused on developing world class proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology – the 'engine' of any hydrogen-powered vehicle – with the aim of producing the world's most advanced fuel cell to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonize heavy commercial mobility.

"With greater electrification of equipment and systems, there is a need for more powerful and lighter fuel cells to power heavy vehicles, machinery, trains and aircraft. This is where our PEM fuel cells will really excel; high power output and high power density enable applications previously out of reach of fuel cell technology."

With production facilities in North AmericaEurope and Asia, HYZON expects to deliver thousands of fuel cell trucks and buses globally over the next three years. By 2025, HYZON's expected turn-key capacity will be more than 40,000 fuel cell vehicles annually. Production of the groundbreaking PEM fuel cell is expected to start in 2021.

HYZON is a global supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, including heavy duty trucks, buses and coaches. Established as a spin-off from Horizon in early 2020, HYZON commercializes Horizon's almost 20 years of fuel cell technology development for applications in global mobility applications.

About HYZON Motors Inc  (www.hyzonmotors.com)

HYZON Motors Inc is a US-headquartered hydrogen vehicle company on a mission to help operators of heavy vehicles transition to cost effective, zero emission, sustainable operations. HYZON achieves this by offering attractive economics with no compromise on performance.

HYZON has also made significant commercial progress in EuropeAsia and Australia. The company anticipates its novel zero emission mobility model will expand in global markets over the next few years.


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